When to Use Pallet Back Stops?

When to Use Pallet Back Stops?

Pallet racking is one of the most common storage solutions used in warehouses and distribution centers. When it comes to improving the safety of your pallet racking system, back stop beams are an essential component. Back stop beams are horizontal beams installed at the back of a pallet racking system's bay, designed to prevent the pallets from sliding out. In this article, we'll look at when to use pallet racking back stop beams.

1. In High-Activity Areas:
Pallet racking back stop beams are essential in areas that see high levels of activity. With forklifts moving in and out of the racking system, there is a risk of accidental impacts that can cause pallets to shift or fall. Installing back stop beams at the back of the bay increases safety and reduces the risk of accidental impacts.

2. When Pallets Could Overhang:
Pallet racking back stop beams are recommended when working with pallets that could be overhanging. Pallets that overhang, even by a small amount, can easily fall off the racking, causing damage to the goods and people around them. Installing back stop beams prevents this from happening, ensuring the safety of your workers and products.

3. When Bottom Pallets Rest on the Floor:
Back stop beams are essential when pallets are stacked on top of pallets that rest on the floor. The pallets at the back of the bay need to be supported to prevent them from tilting and falling over. Back stop beams provide the necessary support, ensuring that the racking system is stable.

4. When Pallets are Heavy:
For heavy pallet loads, back stop beams are highly recommended. Heavy pallets can cause significant damage if they fall or shift, and proper installation of back stop beams ensures that heavy pallets are securely in place.

5. When Racking is Higher than Six Feet:
The installation of back stop beams is a must when pallet racking systems are higher than six feet. Storage at higher levels poses a greater risk of pallets falling due to team members who are not prepared to handle heavy loads on higher levels. Back stop beams help prevent this type of accident from happening.

In conclusion, pallet racking back stop beams are essential for ensuring the safety of your workers and maximizing storage efficiency. When considering their usage, take into account factors such as the heights of your pallet racking systems, stacked pallet weights, and the amount of activity in the area. By installing back stop beams in the right areas, you can prevent accidents and protect your workers and investment.
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