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Rivet Shelving Unit 24" X 48" - Particle Board

Rivet Shelving Unit 24" X 48" - Particle Board

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Weight:134.0 lb
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Complete Rivet Shelving Unit - Particle Board 24" x 48"

  • Effortlessly store and unload hefty, oversized items with the convenience of four-way shelf access.
  • Enjoy a swift and straightforward assembly process, as shelves seamlessly snap into place and adjust at 1 1/2" increments.
  • Each of the four shelves boasts an impressive 375lbs. capacity, providing robust support for your storage needs. Total Capacity 1,500lbs
  • The smooth, solid 5/8" particle board ensures the elimination of item fall-through concerns. This package includes both shelf supports and particle boards for a comprehensive storage solution.
  • Includes: (4) Post, (4) Shelves and (8) Supports 

Weights & Dimensions
  • Shelving Height 84”
  • Shelving Width 48"
  • Shelving Depth 24”
  • Overall Upright Weight 134lbs
  • Color: Power Coated Gray
  • Style: Rivet Shelving
  • Steel: Made of 14 Gauge Roll-Form Steel
  • Capacity 1,500lbs
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