A Guide on Wire Decking Vs. Pallet Supports

A Guide on Wire Decking Vs. Pallet Supports

Pallet rack wire decking and pallet supports are two popular options for improving the safety and efficiency of pallet racking systems. These two options have different features and benefits, which make them suitable for different applications. Here is a comparison of pallet rack wire decking vs pallet supports:

1. Material: 
Pallet rack wire decking is usually made of wire mesh or steel, while pallet supports are made of steel or wood. Wire decking is lighter and more durable than pallet supports that can get damaged easily due to fork lifts.

2. Installation:
Wire decking is easy and quick to install, as it only needs to be laid on the racking beams. Pallet supports, on the other hand, take up more installation time since they need to be aligned and screwed to the racking beams.

3. Safety:
Wire decking offers excellent safety features such as preventing pallets from falling between the beams, promoting proper air circulation and reducing the risk of fire hazard. Pallet supports offer less protection from pallets falling between the racking beams or to falling over.

4. Loading capacity: 
Wire decking is known to increase the racking system's loading capacity, with uniform load capacities ranging from 2500-5000 pounds. Pallet supports can also bear a load of up to 2500 pounds, but they require additional support to accommodate heavy or unevenly distributed loads.

5. Price: 
Wire decking is more expensive than pallet supports, mainly due to the additional features it offers, like increased safety and storage capacity. Pallet supports are a more cost-effective option to provide basic support for pallets.

In conclusion, both pallet rack wire decking and pallet supports have their benefits and limitations. Wire decking is perfect for high-density storage, providing extra safety features, higher load capacities, and fire and air-freeze protection. It has a significantly high initial cost, but with the superior features, it is the better long term option. Pallet supports, on the other hand, are an economical option that offers basic support to the pallets. In deciding which option to choose, consider your warehouse and the type of inventory you deal with as well as your budget.
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