A Guide to Cantilever Racking

A Guide to Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking is a storage system that is ideal for holding longer, bulkier, or odd-shaped items.

The design of the racking system allows for items to be stored on individual arms that protrude from the supports, creating a unique space-saving storage solution. In this guide, we'll explore the practical use of cantilever racking and how it can improve warehouse storage efficiency.

1. Understanding the Design
Cantilever racking is designed with supports that run vertically, and these supports have arms that hang from them. These arms are what hold the items, and they can be adjusted to add or remove space as necessary. The design of the arms and the support poles allows longer items to be stored easily without the need for additional support.

2. Hold Longer and Bulkier Items
The primary use of cantilever racking is to store long, bulky, or odd-shaped items that cannot be stored securely on other types of racking systems. These items may include lumber, plastic piping, steel tubing, metal sheets, and other similar items.

3. Flexibility in Design
Cantilever racking provides flexibility in design, allowing the racking system to be tailored to fit the warehouse's specific needs. Each arm can be adjusted up or down, increasing or decreasing the space between the items or the height and depth of the storage space.

4. High Load Capacity
Cantilever racking can withstand a considerable amount of weight, making it ideal for storing heavy items. The design of the support poles, arms, and even the use of braces at the rear of the racking system all contribute to the safe and secure storage of these heavy items.

5. Efficient Handling
Cantilever racking is designed for efficient handling of items. With proper planning, items can be easily accessed when needed. The cantilever design allows for easy access to individual items while rearranging the racking if necessary without the need for a complex assembly.

6. Flexibility in Storing
Cantilever racking is versatile in storing both temporary and permanent items that are often in and out of storage frequently. Frequently used items can be stored on lower levels and easily accessible with reach equipment, while those occasional or permanent items can be high up with longer support arms allowing for quick access with other handling equipment.

In conclusion, cantilever racking is a practical and versatile storage solution for long, bulky, or odd-shaped items. It is ideal for warehouses with less floor space and greater vertical clearance. Its unique design allows for effective storage use and easy access to stored items. By utilizing cantilever racking for the right items and with proper warehouse planning, it can optimize space, improve handling efficiency, and ensure items are held safely and securely.
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