Top 5 Mistakes when Ordering Pallet Racking

Top 5 Mistakes when Ordering Pallet Racking

1. Choosing the wrong type of racking:
Choosing the wrong type of pallet racking can be a costly mistake. It is essential to understand the different types of racking systems and choose the one that best suits your needs. Factors like the type of inventory, space and racking height, and the weight of the loads need to be considered to make the best decision.

2. Not considering the load capacity:
Overloading pallet racking can lead to accidents, injuries, or collapse of the racking system. It is crucial to calculate the maximum load capacity of the racking and ensure that it is suitable for the weight and volume of the products and loads being stored. Careful attention needs to be paid to the types of loads stored to ensure that the racking is not overloaded.

3. Neglecting to consider the layout:
The layout of your warehouse affects the racking system's configuration and positioning in the warehouse. It is crucial to consider the layout of the warehouse, including the aisles and access point, when designing and installing the racking system. This will ensure that the racking system fits well into the available floor space and maximizes storage potential.

4. Failing to account for future expansion: 
A common mistake when ordering pallet racking is not accounting for future expansion. As the business grows, space requirements may change. It is essential to choose a pallet racking system that can be expanded or reconfigured to accommodate changing storage demands.

5. Not choosing the right decking or accessories:
Decking and accessories enhance the effectiveness of pallet racking systems. Choosing the wrong decking or accessories could lead to reduced efficiency, worker's injuries, and other issues. Using the wrong accessories or decking could also reduce the loading capacity of a racking system, leading to unforeseen breakdowns or faults.

In conclusion, it's essential to take the time to carefully consider your warehouse and storage requirements when ordering pallet racking. Choosing the right type of racking, considering the load capacity, layout, future expansions, and the correct accessories and decking can prevent costly mistakes and lead to safer and more efficient warehouse operations.
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