What is RMI Racking?

What is RMI Racking?

The Rack Manufacturers Institute (RMI) is an organization dedicated to promoting the safe and effective use of industrial steel storage racks and related storage and handling systems. Since its formation in 1958, RMI has been the leading authority in the industry.

The mission of RMI is to ensure that every rack system is designed, manufactured, and installed according to RMI standards. Through guidance and education, RMI aims to promote the safe operation and maintenance of rack systems.

Industrial racks are essential components of distribution, storage, and material handling operations. They provide a reliable storage solution that maximizes space utilization and simplifies inventory requirements. Pallet racks, widely used in heavy industry, shipping, and manufacturing, come in various styles such as wire mesh and channel-reinforced steel decking.

RMI-certified racking systems are engineered to reduce the risk of product damage while maximizing space utilization. They are crucial for the efficiency and safety of warehouses and distribution centers.

RMI offers several programs to support its mission. They develop American National Standards for industrial steel storage racks and welded wire rack decking. RMI also conducts product testing and research and development programs to drive technical advancements in the industry. They provide extensive educational materials and programs for users of industrial storage racks. RMI members actively contribute to the RMI Engineering Committee and participate in code and fire safety bodies to advance rack design and application. Additionally, RMI collects and disseminates reliable industry statistics.

When choosing a supplier, RMI believes it is important to work with companies committed to continuous improvement in product design and application, as well as maintaining the highest professional and ethical standards.

In summary, RMI is a reputable organization that sets standards and provides resources for the safe and efficient use of industrial steel storage racks. Their programs and initiatives contribute to the advancement of the industry while ensuring the highest level of performance and safety for users.

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