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Industrial Steel Shelving 24" x 48"

Industrial Steel Shelving 24" x 48"

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Weight:19.3 lb
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Direct Pallet Racking’s industrial steel shelving 24" x 48" is the ultimate answer for maximizing space in your warehouse. Precision-engineered for strength, this steel warehouse shelving unit promises stable storage for heavy-duty goods. Thanks to the riveted steel shelving design, you can expect unmatched durability and a quick, bolt-free assembly. Perfect for keeping your operations organized and efficient. Choose Direct Pallet Racking for reliable racking systems. Shop now and streamline your storage! 

  • Industrial Steel Shelving 24" x 48" 
  • 18-Gauge Steel 
  • Capacity 650lbs 
  • For use with Rivet Style Shelving 

Weights & Dimensions
  • Shelving Height 1/2”
  • Shelving Width 48"
  • Shelving Depth 24”
  • Overall Shelf Weight 19.3lbs
  • Color: Power Coated Gray
  • Style: Rivet Shelving
  • Steel: Made of 18 Gauge Roll-Form Steel
  • Capacity 650lbs
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